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Let's Move!

Creative movement class for kids

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40 min
Elle's Make-Believe Emporium! 3-5 year olds

Join actor Elle and Buzzy the Zebra in her exciting, multi sensory adventures.

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40 min
Elle's Make-Believe Emporium 0-18 months

Adventures with Elle and Buzzy the Zebra!


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40 min
Get to know us

ToddlerTunez offers artistic and creative day and night time babysitting sessions for 0-15 year olds in the safe environment of your own home. We currently operate all over London and are quickly expanding - look out nationwide! 

All our sitters are professionals in their artistic fields, ranging from musicians, to actors, to dancers, to name but a few! Within these fields, many have conducted choirs, exhibited artwork nationally, and starred on a West End stage, meaning they all have exciting stories to tell! They share their creative skills with your children through productive sessions specifically tailored to your wants and needs. 

We’re providing a guilt-free alternative to traditional babysitting where parents know their children are engaging in meaningful and beneficial activities while they are away. All our sitters are DBS-checked, fully first aid-trained and, most importantly, have extensive experience working with children, allowing their passion to shine through in any creative setting.

No booking or registration fees and no commitment required! We trust you will love us and book again.
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Time out

Does the responsibility that comes with looking after young children ever take its toll? Feeling exhausted and simply need a little time to yourself? Rest assured you’re not alone! Our trusted sitters come to you and get to know your children through myriad creative activities, ensuring they are learning and engaging productively whilst you take some well-earned ‘me time’!

Language immersion

Searching for a multilingual daytime babysitter with an equally impressive creative skillset? Keen to immerse your children in a foreign language from a young age? Our sitters come from all over the world and many have native-level language skills to match your requirements.

Time management

Ever find it difficult to balance your children’s diverse interests with pickup from different schools? We can help by matching you with a sitter who leads activities entirely tailored to your child’s preferences, as well as ensuring they are collected from school on time and taken home safely.

Events & Special Occasions

Organising a wedding and need someone to look after your children during the reception? Or searching for an entertainer to lead fun activities during a birthday party or playdate? We can provide a handpicked sitter with all the skills you want to make it a truly memorable occasion for everyone involved!

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